Explore Orvieto

Orvieto, Umbria is a city of ancient origins and with a great history from the Etruscan’s through medieval times well represented by the main attractions, the Duomo cathedral, St. Patrick’s well, the Torre del Moro clock tower. In general its particular shape and location (perched on volcanic outcrop) make the city unique with its typical streets and squares, many churches of every style and age, as well as  the great gastronomic tradition and production excellent DOC wine.

Orvieto is a city of important archaeological sites, in particular, the Etruscan civilization has left an indelible mark as the remains of the Temple of Belvedere and the Necropolis of the Crucifix of Tufo and that of Cannicella, whose findings are exhibited in museums all located in the beautiful Piazza Duomo. The city is also home to major annual events, including Umbria Jazz Winter, Orvieto Folk festival and traditional religious holidays such as the Feast of Corpus Christi and the Palombella.

Information on what to see and do in Orvieto: www.orvietoviva.com